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Today’s 2nd offering from the Comfortably Zoned Radio Network

Golenbock University 3/26/18

Author of “Finley Ball,” Nancy Finley and co-author Morgan King. join Peter, Al Blumkin, and Ralph Zig Tyko, for a look back at the last great dynasty.
A Comfortably Zoned Radio Network/rzt, production.

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Today’s offering from the Comfortably Zoned Radio Network:

A’s Bazeball: Past-Present-Future 7/13/17

Ralph Tyko, and Genesis’ Ian Kahanowitz. welcome new¬†
co-host/author. Nancy Finley [“Dugout Daughter”] to talk about her dad. Carl Finley, her uncle Uncle Charley Finley, and their time spent owning the Swinging A’s, who won three World Series Championships from 1972 to 1974 and 5 Division titles from 1971 to 1975.
Comfortably Zoned Radio Network/ik, production.

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