Thrown From a Moving Vehicle… with Steve Goldleaf

“Thrown from a Moving Vehicle” refers to an offer my brother Mike made to me when I was driving him on the Taconic State Parkway and I persisted in telling him some of my admittedly nutty ideas about baseball—his offer was that if I said another syllable, he would find a way to eject me from the car, which told me that my ideas about baseball (and other subjects, perhaps, but mainly baseball) weren’t everybody’s cup of tea.  Since 2016, I’ve been writing a twice-monthly column for Bill James On Line, where I flesh out such ideas—my first was an exploration of how the game might change for the better if we were to move the outfield fences out another 200 feet, and my current column explores the question of the supposed advantage lefthanders have in fielding at first base. I don’t seem to be running out of these provocative ideas, but on the other hand, I haven’t been thrown out of any moving cars, either… yet.