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The Life and Times of Hobie Landrith

On this edition of Giants Bazeball: Past-Present-Future, Tim Haller, and Ralph Tyko welcome the dean of Giants Fantasy Camps, and the first player chosen in the 1961 National League Expansion Draft, by the New York Mets.
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Ralph Zig Tyko, who grew up on the east coast ["You can take the boy out of New York, but don't forget about the Mann Act."], pushes on the "doors of life" marked 'pull,' with his sardonic, off beat humor. His target is The Un-Holy Trinity... the church, big business and the government. Guests are from all walks of life, including players, coaches, and sportswriters from the "Golden Age of Sports." Zig's 'Studs Terkel like' interviewing, brings out their passion, enthusiasm, and lust for living... Fun galore, so click on, laugh, cry, and learn.

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