As Sunday Becomes Monday…

September 18, 2006 at 8:39 pm (Baseball)

…it’s difficult to make it a fun day just as long as there’s a mathamatical possibility that Willie Randolph will make the late “Genius” Gene Mauch and Charlie ‘my wife’s my agent’] [but a lousy one, as it turned out] Dressen not only late, but forgettable… Mets fans can NEVER rest easy…

…the pupil, Matt, did in the ol’ teacher me, on the courts of tennis in S.F. another bittersweet moment, losing 3-6… many long volleys.. my legs and wind are strong. i’m blessed… aside the loss, the day was splendid. the weather was perfect…Terrye and Joe are a treat. Matt’s new friend, Debbie lights up the room… over and out

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