November 18, 2006 at 10:43 pm (Family & Friends, News & Politics)

When, shortly after voting machines in Ohio went “south” and ‘W’ stole yet another election, my fellow Socialist/Activist buddy announced that he was now “one of them”. Pardon?. “Yes, Republicans are winners and Democrats are losers. I’m a winner. Whatever they’re doing, they win elections. I think that the Bush-Cheney way is good for the country…blah, blah, blah…” On he went for weeks. First becoming a R.O.T.C. at Cal. and marching around like a clown [a redundancy], spouting the G.O.P. “party line” and covering his being in polyester button-down shoits that barely hide the “Jimmy Dean” tee-shirt [the one that defined his image before his “conversion”]. When he shaved his 20 year old beard and started “looking the part”, I nicknamed him ‘Ron Cohen’, after his new hero, Reagan [a shell and a prop] and the self-hating McCarthy lawyer [an evil horrible man]…

Now that *we* won our country back, can you come home, ol’ pal, Jeremiah Duboff [of “open letter” fame]? I like to think that you didn’t loose your heart… just misplaced it.

Did you look under the couch?

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