Gerald R. Ford, The Newly Dead Guy…

December 28, 2006 at 11:10 pm (Life & Death, News & Politics)

… is being portrayed as someone whose decision to pardon Richard M. Nixon “healed the wounds of Watergate”. In truth, this was no more than a band-aide that did nothing but cover the festering sore on America’s proverbial ass. What it did was contribute to the mindset of politicians who followed [folks named Reagan and Bush], who believe that ‘accountability is for others’. One moment your “President is not a crook”. The next, he is most certainly a crook. And the very next moment, Tricky Dick is off rehabilitating his image, living a life of luxury and evolving into an “Elder Statesman” for the G.O.P.

Oh yea, the clumsy bastard played football in college. Whooptyfuckingdoo.


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