Spring has sprung and…

February 18, 2007 at 11:48 pm (Alameda, Baseball, Fantasy Baseball)

…none of my boyhood heroes died this week [for a change]. Pitchers and catchers have reported. In a few days, major league spring training will be in full swing. The ‘lovely and provocative one’ and I have been blissfully enjoying domesticity and spring-like weather in Alameda. This morning I read the results of my Fantasy Baseball draft. Names such as Alphonso Soriano, Delmon Young, Brian Roberts, Daniel Cabrera, Miggy Tejada, Vernan Wells, Ian Snell, Tom Glavine, Jered Weaver, Mariano Rivera and J.J. Putz [the best name in baseball] grace the roster of the California Sea Otter, my entry.

For those and a myriad of other reasons [not the least of which is Phillip’s newly found maturity], I’m a happy guy.

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