Memories of Dick and Bobby Berk… Others Too

March 19, 2007 at 12:29 am (Kittatinny Camp)

If there is one word that describes the Kittatinny Camp [not to be confused with Camp Kittatinny] experience , that word is continuity. As I wrote earlier, it was always nice seeing old friends each summer.

The Berk twins were returnees. Both excellent athletes and identical in many ways, they were different in some. Dick was serious and driven. I remember Bobby as more of a prankster. Together, they executed the hidden ball trick in football with incredible dexterity.

I always wondered if the Berk twins would end up with the Weiss twins, Nancy and Beth [two “tall, glasses of water”]. Am I the only camper who had thoughts like those? I think not. Besides, I was only curious about which twin had the Toni.

Yes, Dick, I remember Bob Smith running the waterfront with an iron fist. His megaphone seemed permanently attached to his sunburned nose.

Jerry Peach and Sandy Peters stand out as members of the Lock Haven crew. They exuded class. Jerry was my counselor one year. What a great guy.

News of George Dittamin‘s passing saddens me. The older we all get the more times per week I get to say, “mortality sucks.”

Here’s me, bunk 25, age 10, 2nd row, far right:



  1. dick berk said,

    Good stuff. But it is Budd Beringer who passed away,
    not George Dintamin. I still have a picture from
    camp, like your bunk picture, which has a picture on
    the football field with Chuck Smerin as a ref as was
    George Dintamin. I don’t have a scanner to put it in
    the computer, however. But your bunk picture was
    interesting. Who are the counselors? And do you
    remember the Alexander twins? Their sister Mimi
    married Al Schnairov whom she met at KLC.
    Also since you brought up Camp Kittatinny, my son
    in law’s brother went there – he was wearing a T shirt
    with the name on it. . And one of our nurse’s mom’s
    lived in Dingman’s Ferry. Talk about a small world.
    Keep it coming

  2. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Hey Dick,

    I don’t remember the Alexander twins but memories of the Weiss twins on the volleyball court serve me well… Counselors are Hal Smith and Johnny Harrison. You and any and all alum are welcome to scan and send me any pictures you’d like posted. My email is

    Thank you for the memory of Chuck. I picture him and Milt Blatt [his wife Jenny was in charge of Pioneer Row, my first year at KLC. I was age seven and too young for eight weeks away from home. I still am. Gawd knows how, she got me through it.] in full referee regalia. These two wonderful teacher/coaches were both such terrific humans. May they both rest in peace… Stay well, Dick. Keep in touch.

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