Jorge Julio, Marlin/Otter

March 26, 2007 at 2:12 pm (Baseball, Fantasy Baseball)

As a Mets fan, I’m worried that Florida has been strengthened. Because Jorge Julio is a SO [ Sea Otter, in my fantasy baseball league], I worry less about save opps for my third closer position on my squad. The baseball Gawds work in a mysterious way. As for Julio [from the Otter schoolyard] he had 80 something strike outs in 60 something innings last year. The closer job is his with the Fish and, barring injury, this is how the Sea Otter shapes up for the season:

C- Hernandez, Boids

1b- Helton, Rox

2b- Roberts, Boids

3b- Wright, Metropolitans

ss- Tejada, Boids

of- Soriano, Cubbies

of- Wells, BJs

of- Baldelli, Rays

ut- Blake, Tribe

ut-Youkilits, Sox o’ Red

sp- Weaver, Halos

sp- Kazmir, Rainiers

sp- Bonser, Twinks

sp- Cain, Gints

sp- Jennings, 45s

sp- James, Bravos

sp- Duke, Buccos

sp- Santana, Halos

rp- Wagner, Metropolitans

rp- Dempster, Cubbies

rp- Julio, Fish

There you have it, sports fans. Your California Sea Otter, America’s team.

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