Adios Politics

May 23, 2007 at 8:42 pm (News & Politics)

The frustration I’m feeling at the Democrats el foldo regarding the continued funding of the Iraq war is overwhelming. Checks and balances my aunt Fanny.

I hereby retire as an “activist” [here’s a sign I wrote and that my then fellow Socialist/Peacenick buddy, Jeremiah Duboff, carried at a peace rally in San Francisco] and resume my pre-Nixon “don’t bum me out about it” stance when I was a happy [well, at least happier] ostrich.


Edit to add 12/10/08

I haven’t given up the “good fight.” We have, however, lost Jeremiah. He’s become a born-again conservative. What a mindfuck.

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  1. rbuchanan said,

    It’s just as well; you won’t be missing much. I like your friend’s sign, if only because it’s honest and derived from a sensible perspective. Those buildings were hideous.

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