Homer Bailey: Future Of The Reds And The Otters

June 8, 2007 at 10:50 am (Baseball, Fantasy Baseball, Sister Mary Zig)

When one thinks of the Cincinnati Reds franchise, other than the Johnny Vandemere histrionics [two no hitters in a row], great hitting – not great pitching – comes to mind.

When one thinks of the Sea Otters [Amerika’s team], my entry in the 2007 Yahoo Fantasy League, neither great pitching nor great hitting comes to mind.

I’m trying to change that. I recently picked Barry Zito off the scrapheap and traded for Dontrelle Willis, my fellow Alamedian, and David Ortiz. I replaced the traded David Wright [a beloved Met] and Brian Roberts, with Howie Kendrick [so far a shmendrick] and Ryan Braun [a rising star with the Brewers]. These are some big shoes to fill. Hunter Pence has been a Gawdsend. The underachieving Vernon Wells went in a trade for Jeff Francoeur. I missed out by not drafting Tim Lincecum a while back, but I jumped on Homer Bailey [as it were] when the Reds announced his promotion earlier in the week. He’s their number one prospect.

homer bailey

Reds and Otter management both pray the following: Hail Sister Mary Zig, full o’ grace, help Homer get our ass in first place. Amen.


  1. PW said,

    Hail Sister Mary Zig, full o’ grace, help Homer get our ass in first place. Amen.

    OH…I do remember…and pray for her!!!

    Be well…

  2. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Bless you [in case you sneeze]…, SMZ

  3. billkuhn said,

    The fantasy over/under on you keeping Zito is the end of the month, cuz you are such a patient GM. Your pitching staff is praying for the over.

    Reds pitching memories…
    Tom Browning, Fred Norman, Jose F***in Rijo, Mario Soto, Pat Zachry, Clay Carroll, Gary Nolan, Bill Gullickson, Don Gullett, Jack Billingham, and now Aaron Harang. My personal favorite was the “biter” Pedro Borbon.

    You are right, they were all godd but nobody was great (well except for Gullett before the arm injury, & Rijo that one particular month in 1990 that I care to forget. The losses still hurt more than the wins are cherished.


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