1962 Giants, Yankees Reunite

June 25, 2007 at 9:00 pm (Alameda, Baseball, New York Giants)

In general, interleague play sucks. Not always, though.

The Yankees came out west to San Francisco this past weekend. It was the first time since ’62 that the two teams played each other in a meaningful game. Sunday, the Giants paraded out the surviving participants of that Fall Classic.

Also, I must admit that it was cool seeing A-Rod and Barry Bighead on the same field.

Led by skipper Alvin Dark [who knows me as Alameda Ralph], these old timers lined up down the third base line. Seeing then future Hall o’ Famers Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Orlando Cepeda [a fellow toker], Juan Marichal, and Gaylord Perry reminded me just how great that team was and how sad it is that after 1962, they never got back to the Series. Two left handers are mainly responsible for that. In no particular order, they are Sandy Koufax and Ray Sadecki.

One could argue that third base coach Carroll Walter “Whitey” [nicknamed “Pickles” as a kid in North Carolina] Lockman should have sent Mateo Alou home when Mays doubled in the ninth. Perhaps, but McCovey was on deck and Cepeda in the hole. Also, Roger Maris dug the ball out of the corner with Clemente-like skills… Hindsight isn’t always 20-20
Results: McCovey hit one on the screws… Trouble is it went foul down the first base line. The ball he hit fair was a soft liner to the good Rev. Richardson of the Bobby variety. Alas, but not alack because these were not the New York, but the San Francarpetbagging Giants.

“If only this, if only that, yada yada yada,” said those who rooted for the orange and black. Alan Satran said it best that day. “Were ifs and buts, candy and nuts- all the Giant’s fans would have a happy day.”

Photo: Al Dark and Alameda Ralph, circa 1995



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