Bush Commutes Libby Jail Sentence

July 2, 2007 at 5:18 pm (News & Politics)

That’s a real a shocker… NOT.

W’s puppeteers, in a pre-pardon moment, commuted the jail sentence of convicted felon Harold “Scooter ” [and unless you’re Phil Rizzuto or an eleven year old boy, the nickname is idiotic] Libby’s jail sentence. Bush said that he respects the jury. He just thinks that 30 months in the clink excessive. After all, what loyal Amerikan wouldn’t cover-up treasonous crimes by the Vice President?

I predict that we’ll soon be hearing that plans for Libby’s ticker tape parade have been put on hold “for a few weeks until this blows over a bit.”

Edited to add 7/3/06: In an AP story, our dearly beloved, fearless leader, W said that he “won’t rule out a Libby pardon.”

We’re hip, Georgie Boy. You continue to make your parents proud… and the vast majority of us, ill.


  1. Jim said,

    Notice: The “Free Scooter Rally” which was scheduled to be held at the site of the historic signing of the Russo-Japanese peace treaty in Portsmouth, NH has been cancelled.

  2. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    An informed reader emailed me:
    “It is remarkable how similar our blog entries are on this topic. One would think we pre-planned it, but we didn’t need to, it’s simply a case of great minds thinking alike.

    The latest Republican spin is that “Clinton got the same sentence for the same crime.” Uh NO!

    Q: What were the underlying crimes that Libby & Clinton lied to cover up?

    A: Clinton: consensual sex. Libby: treason. Not the same underlying crime at all.

    The eventual pardon will not occur until Bush’s last day in the White House so that all parties can say “We can’t discuss it while the appeal is still pending.” So long as the Libby legal wrangling continues (and it will likely last about 20 months or so) nobody can or will talk about it.

    Another Q: What sort of probation will Libby get?
    A: No more lying to a Grand Jury or else we will throw you in jail? Can’t do that because the sentence has been commuted. Barring a DUI or some other crime his probation will be a joke.

    As I heard somebody say last night, we are just going to have to ride out Bush’s presidency and hope he doesn’t do too much more damage.


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