Fantasy Baseball’s Been Bery, Bery Bad To Me

August 5, 2007 at 6:13 pm (Baseball, Fantasy Baseball, Unzipped Thoughts)

I’m sitting, typing, and noshing on some Chinese food that was just delivered. No, I’m not trying to work through my guilt for the disservice to my community by putting their drivers on the road. That isn’t funny and I’ll never resort to that sort of racist, inflammatory, crapola in order to elicit hits on the most witty, informative, sardonic, provocative blog on the internet. That wouldn’t be right.

I digress. If you play “Fantasy Ball” you may appreciate the moment. I’m watching Tom Glavine, whom I traded in my Fantasy [Roto] League, early on, for Matt Cain [he of the tough luck outings], go for his 300th win for my beloved Metsies. Alphonso Soriano who I traded [good ridence, meat] just last week for a package that included Andruw Jones, just pulled up lame. Not only do the Mets need to hold on to the precarious one run lead, but Wagner needs to get the save for the Mets and the Sea Otters, Amerika’s team.

Here’s a quick update on the SO: Ryan Braun, [injured] Hunter Pence, David Ortiz, and Jeff Francour have been terrific all year long. Soriano and now departed pitchers Zach Duke, Ervin Santana, Jeremey Sowers, Dontrelle Willis, Barry Zito all have contributed to a very mediocre year thus far.

No concessions yet. I recently added Mike Piazza [eligible as a catcher], Ty Wiggintgon [elligable at 2nd], [reaquired] Vernon Wells, activated Miggy Tejeda [off the DL], and added Carlos Guillen. The aforementioned Cain should be in line for some breaks. One would hope.
It Ain’t over ’till it’s over. Go Otters. Go Mets. Go Zig.

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