More KLC And 1999 Reunion Pictures From Bob Berk

August 8, 2007 at 11:39 am (Kittatinny Camp)

Check out these photos of KLC, and the 1999 reunion. Bob has identified almost everyone, and if you have anything to add, please comment.


Photo #1 KLC 1959? L-R: Bob Berk, Dad Berk (Nathaniel), Dick Berk, Dad Berkowitz (Sam), George Berkowitz


Photo #2 KLC 1961 – Ellen Hader


Photo #3 KLC 1961 – Sue Goldis


Photo #4 KLC 1961? Cookie Rubin


Photo #5 KLC 1961 – L-R: Dick Berk, Helen ?, Craig Pearson


Photo #6 Helen _____ (yellow), Ellen Hader (red)


Photo #7 KLC Reunion 1999 – L-R: Wendy Hankin, Ellen Hader, SteveHankin


Photo #8 KLC Reunion 1999 – Counterclockwise from top left: Sue Hoffman (Lipoff), Jerry Levin, Craig Pearson, Irv Lipoff, Larry Boff, Art Baskin, Alan Sacks, ?


Photo #9 KLC Reunion 1999 – Carol Zeit, Gary Kauffman

As always, if you have photos to share, let me know by email at


  1. Barbara Burton Stewart said,

    Wow, I can’t believe that’s Wendy Hankin in picture No. 7 – unless Steve married a Wendy. Wendy was my counselor for two years, and she’s in one of the pictures I posted – Bunk 14 – in the back row on the right, with hair in the “in” flip.

  2. Bob Berk said,

    I did not recognize her, either. I never thought of that possibility.

  3. dick berk said,

    That IS Wndy Hankin only she is half the person she used to be thanks to the wonders of modern medicine and personal effort.

  4. Barbara Burton Stewart said,

    well, she does look like Steve!!!! Hooray for Wendy!!

  5. Fred Hartman '44-'56 Palm city Fl. said,

    Just found this site. I want to say hi to anyone who might remember me. I have a lot of pictures, but I don’t know how to forward them.

  6. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Welcome Fred. I’m glad you found us! I, for one, remember you very well.
    Please attach your pictures to an Email and send them to:
    I’ll gladly post them, along with any memories you’d like to share.

  7. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    In Email correspondence with Fred Hartman and Ann Karr Grodin, I was reminded that Fred was the White Team Capitan in 1956. Also, that were it not for Fred, she and her brother Phil [my former bunkmate] would not have attended KLC. Their parents had been friends.

  8. dick berk said,

    Glad you found the site. How did you find it? The pictures you mention can be sent to Zig (as I did since I don’t have a scanner) and he posted them on his blog. He returned every one unscathed – try that or copy them at a Kinko’s and send the copies so we may all see them. I was there from 1955-1960 and tremember you as well. My brother and I (twins) enjoyed KLC to its fullest as did many of our relatives. Am looking forward to your collectiobn

  9. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Pictures just arrived, Fred. They’re terrific. I’ll have them posted shortly.

  10. Ilana (LANA, Lanni) Dunner said,

    I have a photo of bunk 14 and 15 (CITS) –don’t know what year —but how can I get it posted— I went to Kittatinny in the 60’s and early 70’s

  11. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Send me any KLC photos and text. I’ll post them and send you a link.


  12. rich weinstein said,

    i went to kittatinny camp 1965 tll 1973. my brother barry went for a couple of years. henry moss was my uncle. if there is any info about the camp, i would love to hear about it. thanks. i hope the reunion comes off next year. i cannot believe the camp has been closed for 35 years. if u have any pictures i could see, please send them.. thank you. rich weinstein

  13. Noah Longer said,

    Nice to see a picture of Cookie Rubin – very nice person. Kittatinny in the summers of ’63 and ’64 had a lot of people with comic book names: Billy Falik, Al Indicter, Jerry Pietsch, Johnny Yoakley and Dick Trout among them. Lee Herman was his own kind of cartoon character, with no Echo to match his Narcissus. I remember him wrestling Frank Kitei one day…it went on longer than Herman (Lieberfarb) was comfortable, given his 7 year age superiority – so, almost out of the story of Jacob, Herman grabbed Frank by the …ummmm…..loins (pelotas) until Frank submitted. We were all very grossed out and unimpressed with that level of inappropriate behavior and poor sportsmanship.

    There were great basketball players from the Bernie Kirsner, Billy Cunningham, Erasmus and Frank McGuire connections.

    Doberman was a class act….I remember him being very proud of his father’s stand up comedy act.

    The stuff that went on at Kittatinny would make headlines today. Counselors piled out of the camp at dark to hang out a bar in Layton, NJ, where many invariably got drunk. They would then take their act back to the camp and decide which people to haze or harass. This was not fun, as no one was about to do anything about it. I remember well the visits I would get at around 1:00 a.m. from Steve Balaban, Mark Weisfeld and a couple of others. The routine was always the same….they would wake me up….surround me…..try to bully and intimidate…..and come back the next night to do the same thing. I learned there what to do with bullies. One night, I “accidentally” swung my elbow into Balaban’s face….Balaban (Hawk) kept repeating “that don’t make no never minds” as one of his buddies tried to say it was not on purpose. It seems they moved on to someone else after that night, but it was strange how the drunkenness and drunken behavior were so prevalent with the acquiescence of all the supposed leaders of the camp.

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