Kittatinny Camp Retrospective, An Update.

August 9, 2007 at 12:28 pm (Kittatinny Camp, Unzipped Thoughts)

What started out as a cathartic post last November has turned into something really special. Sharing memories, acquainting/reacquainting myself with fellow KLC alum, and putting names to pictures [and pictures to names] has been great fun.

So, here’s a story: When Kittatinny needed a nature counselor and a waterfront leader, Uncle Henry Moss [whose voice over the loudspeaker accompanied “revelry” each morning, assuring us that “It’s a great day to be alive, longs and shorts, up-up-up…”], was heard to say, “Get me the best names in the business.”… and we got Milt Forrest and Dick “The Fish” Trout.

Thank you, one and all.


Edited to add: In addition to the aforementioned, I’ve come to realize that 95% of my happy childhood memories occurred at camp and that 95% of my unhappy childhood memories were at “home.” Conclusion? “Life’s a mixed bag”… and besides, It’s never to late to have a happy childhood.


  1. dick berk said,


    Childhood, like youth, is a state of mind. Nowhere is it written that Peter Pan disappears at a certain age. Mellow, maybe, but not disappear. Continue with your ongoing childhood.

  2. Ralph Zig Tyko said,


    I’m trying hard to do just that. I’ll always treasure your words. Thank you so very much.


  3. Barbara Burton Stewart said,

    I used to think of myself as Tinkerbell; but now older and wider, rather than “growing up” to be Wendy, I prefer to think of myself as a female Peter Pan. I’m flying. . . Besides, all the good Peter Pans were really female anyway. Dick is right – we can keep our minds young as long as we want.

  4. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    I am one of those Peter Pans… with a feminine side as well.


  5. gary kauffman said,

    every name and every face is a memory…..of the best times of our lives….i still go to have lunch at the layton general store and remember our hikes to it as campers..and the chevy truck rides back to camp…and the wild night rides in that truck as busboys…
    and all of the fun we had

  6. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    From my Email today:
    Christie Olmsted wrote:

    My Dad was a bus boy there in the late 50’s, Art Spector, does any one in your group remember him? Thanks Christine Olmsted

  7. dick berk said,

    Zig (and Christie)
    I remember Art quite well – a red headed, tall and sinewy left hander with a deadly jump shot from the corner. He was always fun to be with and had a great outlook on life. If you look at the pictures submitted he should be in the one from 1959 in the front row with his head tilted just a bit How is he doing? It is strange to see his name nearly 50 years after the fact yet see him in a virtual reality as clear as the days in which we lived. Please send him my best and I hope he is well and in good health.

  8. Bob Berk said,

    Zig and Christie –

    I remember Art, as well. There are some names that I cannot place with a face, but, Art is NOT one of them. My best to your father, Christie, and I hope all is well.

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