You Say What, Mr. Giuliani?

August 10, 2007 at 2:09 pm (News & Politics)

As I see it, Hilary and Oboma are unelectable. Don’t kill the messenger.

More than likely, former New York Mayor Giuliani will be the next President. Based on this story, we’re likely to have “business as usual” for the next four years.

Beautiful. Just beautiful.


  1. dick berk said,

    I think it is premature to allow the current situation to be the final result. It make no sense for the Republicans to win again. If that occurs then I would be the first to admit that the US population is looking at their tonsils thru the other end. And while I am NOT a Hilary supporter I couldn’t possibly elect another 4 years of the same stuff(not the “right stuff” or the good stuff. or the oreo stuffing) . It just sems too far in advance of the final election to jump to any conclusions.


  2. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Excuse my pessimism, Dick.
    I invested *so* much time and energy, last election. That we [Democrats] won, not lost, and funding for this bogus war continues and that W and his puppeteers haven’t been held accountable, sickens me.
    Guiliani has Bush-like charisma No substance. Just another superficially charming front-man. The type of person Americana buys into.
    I’m not giving up, just looking for some hope.


  3. dick said,

    The problem with our political system of elections is :
    The people who SHOULD be running, don’t
    The people who shouldn’t be running, are
    The smart candidates do not want their enrire backgrounds combed thru for something they did as a normal person 20 or 40 years ago
    The running for office is a eyar round, every year event, with some time off for actual work in Washington.
    When 40 % of the eligible voters actually come out and vote, the “electorate” becomes a minority of the plurality – hardly a ringing endorsement of the system. The people who should be in office, who speak their mind and are not politically tied rarely go beyond a short term.
    Where is Harry Truman when you we him?


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