Three Great [Vice] Presidential Candidates and Other Thoughts

August 22, 2007 at 11:38 pm (Baseball, News & Politics, Unzipped Thoughts)

Me thinketh…

> Obama, Hilary, and Edwards are all better suited, at this time in their lives, to play second fiddle.

> The best potential candidates [Mario Cuomo, the best of the best is a good example] are dissuaded from participating because their fathers aren’t former heads of the CIA and/or they’re not capable of keeping skeletons buried. Rudy Giuliani is quickly finding this out.

> The dolt “W” will one day make a terrific baseball commissioner. It would be like putting the “Peter Principal” in reverse. He would, in effect, sink to his level of competence.

> Bud Selig gets a bad rap regarding the issue of the steroids. His hands are tied by the strongest union in this or any country.

> The home plate umpiring in MLB is scandalous. I’d like to believe that some of these outrageous calls are due to incompetence, rather than dishonesty. When did the idea of a “subjective” strike zone become prevalent? Did it begin October 8, 1956, when Babe Pinelli called the last pitch of the game to Dale Mitchell a strke although the pitch was eye high, completing a [somewhat less than] perfect game for Don Larson in the Woild Serious?

> Michael Vick acting out an old Southern tradition, reminds me how great it would have been if the South were permitted to secede from the nation, back in the day. They’d now be a third world country.

… therefore, I am- what I am and that’s alls that I am.

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