“Chop Chop, Hop Sing”

October 5, 2007 at 11:17 pm (Life & Death)

Lorne Greene and Victor Sen Yung, pictured below.


It was the late Dan Blocker whose character Hoss Cartwright, week after week, would light a fire under Hop’s butt. It’s rumored that their interaction inspired Richard M. Nixon to open Red China for trade… yet, still no Hollywood Star for the “Hop Man,” Victor Sen Yung. Kermit The Friggin’ Frog has a star. Hell, even Mr. Ed has a star. So very sad, on all accounts.

Here’s info from the internet on this great icon:

For 14 years Hop Sing was the cook on the series Bonanza. Victor was born and raised in San Francisco in the Chinatown district.

Victor began acting in 1938 under the name Victor Yung. At that time he had been working for a chemical company and brought some samples of a new flame retardant to 20th Century Fox to sell. Instead of buying the chemicals, they tested him for the part of Charlie Chan’s number two son. He then appeared in 11 Chan movies.

Victor was an accomplish Cantonese cook, and penned The Great Wok Cookbook in 1974. Sadly Victor died on November 9, 1980 “from a gas leak at the age of 65 penniless.” [sic]

Dan Blocker as Hoss Cartwright.


… and Pernell Roberts, pictured below, also starred.


  1. V.E.G. said,

    Dan Blocker is a direct descendant of the American Revolution.

  2. V.E.G. said,

    Pernell Roberts is a direct descendant of the American Revolution.

  3. hazel said,

    i saw dan blocker one time on a western show where he was trying to get a old steam engine from one town to another. but i cant remember the name of the show.it was not bonanza.can you tell me anything about this.sincerely thanks

    • EllenDBF said,

      That movie was “Something for a Lonely Man”.

  4. hazel said,

    can you tell me the name of the movie Dan blocker made where he was trying to move a old steam engine from one town to another.thanks. hazel

  5. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    No, Hazel, I can’t.

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