Hanging With Mr. Torre

October 17, 2007 at 2:03 pm (Baseball)


The man once known as “Clueless Joe” was given the opportunity to prove them all wrong. Prove them wrong, he did.

Countless playoff appearances and four World Championships. He’s financially secure [hopefully] with nothing to prove to anyone. Almost as many people love him as hate his boss [and, trust me sports fans, that’s saying something].

Shed no tears for future Hall O’ Famer Joe Torre. He, like my dear old self, is a man that *always* lands on his feat.

Instead, save the salty drops for those leaving him [ not for the first time] in “baseball purgatory.”

Time wounds all heels.

Edited to add: 1:30 PM 10/18/07 Joe Torre just rejected a Yankee contract and walked away on his own terms. That makes me smile.

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