The Rox Rock

October 18, 2007 at 3:55 pm (Baseball, Unzipped Thoughts)


Congrats to the Coloratty Rockies, whose fans stick with them through thick and thicker, and long time Sea Otter [my Fantasy Baseball team and, of course, Amerika’s Team] Todd Helton. His .332 lifetime batting average, combined with gold glove-like skills at first, make him [albeit as a longshot] a projected candidate for the Hall…

Don’t count out Boston. I predict Jacoby Ellsbury will lead them to a playoff comeback and World Series victory. He’ll go on to break Barry’s homer record, make the Hall O’ Fame, become an astronout, cure cancer, win the Nobel Peace Prize, and run for President.

Sadly, he’ll be defeated by Republican Senator Larry Craig [celebrating his 30th year “out of the closet”] who will claim to have an exit plan from Iraq.

What?.. It could happen.

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