107 Days Until Spring Training…

October 29, 2007 at 7:48 pm (Baseball)

… and one can only surmise, what the face of MLB will look like by mid February.

Here’s what I’m most curious about:

< How many decades will it take to get used to Joe Torre in a Dodger Uniform?

< Will Bo Sox sign A-Rod? [If so, they may just pull a ’72 Dolphins]

< Will the Mets have the good sense to not throw the baby out with the bath water?

< What if the Mitchell Report [being put together by a former politician and present minority owner of the Red Sox- couldn’t write fiction than this] determines that Mickey, Willie and the Duke were buying steroids from the East German Woman’s Olympic track coaches and passing them on to their teammates?

< Will Barry Bonds sign somewhere and will his former personal trainer [put newspapers on the floor by the door] still be in the pokey, rather than testify to a grand jury?

< Can the A’s stay healthy?

< If Giants fans promise to transfer their unconditional love for the big headed one, will A-Rod wear black and orange?

< Will the L&PO ever stop grinning because she roots for the Sox o’ Red?

Maybe it’s because during spring training she predicted the outcome.

Congratulations, sweetie.

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