Leo Durocher Managed Future Managers…

November 6, 2007 at 1:07 am (Baseball)

… Many of them. Here’s a list of Major League managers who played for the “Lip/Lion:”

[from The Man In The Dugout, Koppett]

Cookie Lavagetto, Fred Fitzsimmons, Billy Herman, Herman Franks, Bobby Bragan, Eddie Stankey, Clyde King, Gil Hodges, Bill Rigney, Carroll “Whitey/Pickles” Lockman, Wes Westrum, Alvin Dark, Gene Mauch, Bob Elliott, Billy Gardner, Joey “Jingles” Amalfitano, Don Kessinger, Lee Elia, John Felske, Tommy Helms, and Doug Rader.

How many more managed/coached in the minors? Coached in the majors?

What an immense influence he’s had on the game I love.




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