Branch Rickey, Josef Mengele Not Guilty Of HGH Experimenents With Twins

December 19, 2007 at 7:42 pm (Alameda, Baseball, News & Politics, Unzipped Thoughts)

WZIG in Alameda is reporting that the names of the late [never tardy] Branch Rickey and Dr. Josef Mengele have been cleared.

Anonymous sources have confirmed that Senator George Mitchell investigated the possibility that the two worked together in order to artificially enhance the careers of the O’Brien twins John and Ed, while the former Brooklyn Dodgers executive was running the Pirates in the early 1950’s. No conclusive evidence was found.

The family of Dr. Mengele, who was rumored to be living in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area of Minnesota at the time [he worked as a debt collector by re-attaching Siamese Twins who were unable to pay their medical bills for the first operation], said that “Uncle JM was a lovable man and was only following orders.”

Mr. Rickey, innocent victim of satirical hoax:


Dr. Josef Mengele, strength and conditioning coach:


Keystone Combo:



  1. dodger dynamo said,

    I knew rickey was innocent the whole time. battlin bake, the dodger dynamo

  2. dodger dynamo said,

    p.s vindication at last! bb the dd

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