Attention Kittatinny Camp Alum

January 1, 2008 at 2:41 pm (Kittatinny Camp)

Anyone remember the slogans Uncle Henry would break out at the winter reunions? My favorite, promised that “It Will Be Great In ’58.” As it turned out, it was.

This thread has been “Heaven In ’07,” and will be “fine And divine In ’09.”

Please help me make It great[er] in ’08 by continuing to:

< spread the word to fellow alum.

< contribute memories, pictures and updates.

< and [above all] stay happy, healthy and peaceful.

Go Green Team [except the years I was on the White… :-)


  1. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    From Iris Rait: is the e-mail for Steve Stern, who recently e-mailed me out of the blue. It was (is) a wonderful surprise. i hope you all remember that he played the drums while jerry played the piano. he told me that he was the last boys head counselor in 1973. i hope that all of you that remember him get in touch. Kittatinny holds a special place in his heart as it does in all of ours……………….
    with great memories, i’ll be seeing you,

  2. Art Balinkie said,

    How firm is the reunion being planned?

    I was at KLC from 1947-1957.

  3. WALTER LeVINE said,

    God, this was the year after I left, but many of the people were my bunk mates every year I attended KLC. In one picture, it is Larry Boff, not Todd. Todd was older than Larry and was several bunks ahead of us. Larry and I e-mail each other regularly, and I am sending this link o0n to him. .I can still picture Louis Nbaleboff sitting on the fence near the canteen and the artesian well waiting for the mail truck I have a few pictures I wilkl scan and send for posting.

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