Fantasy [Roto] Baseball Returns

February 8, 2008 at 10:12 am (Fantasy Baseball)

The draft has come and gone. The California Sea Otters [Amerika’s Team] have a complete roster of veterans, youngsters and rookie hopefuls, alike.


On paper [I keep reminding myself that games are played on dirt and grass] I have the best starting pitcher [Johan Santana] and the best reliever [J.J. Putz, pictured below] in baseball.


Others I’m delighted to have include Troy Tulowitzki and Jarrod Saltalamacchia [who has the longest surname in baseball history], as well as Delmon Young, Ryan Garko, Jered Weaver, Curtis Granderson, Adrian Beltre, Dustin Pedroia, Matt Cain and Hunter Pence.

Geovany Soto and Yunel Escobar are my “sleeper” picks.

If Andruw Jones returns to form, it sure would help bring up some of my power numbers, which project low.

May the best team win? Not necessarily. May my team win. :-)

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