Injury Free Spring? Stay Tuned..

March 22, 2008 at 3:10 pm (Fantasy Baseball)

So, I fire up the ol’ computee in order to set my lineup for the beginning of the Fantasy Baseball season. The Sea Otters are set to compete, once again, in a Public Yahoo 5×5 League. I check the recent news on, the most up to the minute source on the net. During Spring Training, the best news is no news at all. The exhibition game results don’t mean squat. Players statistics mean less. What counts are injuries, or preferably no injures.

After six weeks of terrific health for all, Curtis Granderson [whom I’m counting on for big numbers] was hit on the hand. Although he feels confident that it’s “nothing serious,” precautionary x-rays were ordered.

As in real baseball, it’s likely that the teams least beset by health problems over the course of the year are apt to prevail in the end.

Last month Sal Maglie, ace pitcher for the  New York Giants, hurt his back and will miss the rest of the season [the Harlemites have since tanked ] in the computer baseball game I’m playing, simulating the 1954 season. Since Sal died in real life in 1992, this isn’t going to have much of an effect on his survivors. However, much like the Granderson news today, it sure changed my mood.

Indulge me in my silliness, gentle reader. Time not spent thinking about my mortality, war, recession, global warming, rigged elections, and fascist administrations is quality time… injuries not withstanding.

Here’s a picture of Curtis Granderson, 2008 AL MVP [health permitting]:



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