Cars That Run On Air?

May 28, 2008 at 11:42 am (News & Politics)

Dick Berk sent me an email telling me of this revolutionary invention. It seems that they may soon be available, just not in the good ol’ US of A… You don’t think the big oil companies will do what they can to keep it that way? Nahh, that couldn’t happen. Yea, right.

In any event, check it out.



  1. Barbara Burton Stewart said,

    I saw these, too, but I t hought it said they were NOT available here. Wish they were. Both my cars use high-test.

  2. Barbara Burton Stewart said,

    Oops – sorry, misread your post – but at least I read it right the first time – that they’re NOT available here.

  3. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    From my email:

  4. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    From my email:


    I have seen this displayed, I believe, in Paris during the alternative fuel symposium. They’re still in prototype phase and are not made yet. Maybe 2010 or 2012, some time around there they might hit the market. Awesome concept car though.


    My answer:
    No hurry… after all we can always start drilling for mre oil in the arctic [that’s a joke].
    Gawd I hate these fuckers that are ruining our planet.

  5. barb wire said,

    tyko, that air-powered car will not make it to our shores. It will shut down the petrol market here for both thick and thin petrol. it will shut down gas stations, put mechanix out of work, it will slow down the mad pace of rushing nowhere at 80 mph.

    besides our air is too polluted to keep the engines from clogging although it could be a boon to the hose, scrub brush and detergent market. Think of all the spray cans it could eliminate, no need for WD 40 when bubbles would work just as well or better.

    about your drilling in the arktik joke, let me tell you buddy that what we should be doing is hacking down the arktic and shipping the glaciers to bottling plants for sale to Spain and Contra Costa County and maybe even Australia if they’d just get rid of that damnable “Fair Dinkum” greeting and also stop throwing another of the height-challenged on a barbie (sounds pretty sick to me). If they can’t shape up, I say let em suck kiwis. Anyway Aussie industry is supporting the newest of the most offensive polluters on the globe. China is stripping Australia bare of its resources faster than locusts go through a wheat crop.

    You know why we should be bottling those glaciers besides making sure our fair leaders don’t have to use recycled water in their gin & tonix and burrbin & branch water, don’t you? Because they are dying of thirst in Barcelona and suffering from brown lahns in Lafayette (Contra Costa County don’t you know? BESIDES the melting glaciers are causing the ocean levels to RISE and the Venetian blind are already living on the second floor. Huh? How does that work exactly?

    but anyway buddy, that little hot air car is never going to give the Prius a run for its money on our shores. it’s just too cute and different and slow too probbily, and so everyone would be making fun of it. people would be saying, oh de damm frenchies, dey have to have pollution free cheese and wine and fruit along with their two month summer vacations and oh la la la before you know it ze whole world will be wearing a beret and driving around at 15 miles an hour. Zut alors! And then some fart will ask what Zut alors! means and why people can’t just say oh la la and be done with it.

    Oh la la! Sign ME up for one of those little cuties. Do they come with a hose and bucket and scrub brush for the engine? I’m assuming they are tune-up free.

    How fast do they go? On the freeway?

    Whew! I mean Wheee.

    barbwire – i’ll give you a call sometime — promissss.

  6. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Okay, barbwire, I’m holding you to that promise.

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