Jeremiah Duboff for McCain/Palin

October 1, 2008 at 6:16 pm (Alameda, News & Politics)


Just two single guys [Jeremiah Duboff and his mentor, William Piehl] who runs a “Republican think tank” [oxymoron?] at Java Rama, a Park Street coffee house.







  1. Laurie Gallagher Lindsey said,

    God bless the single guys in California!

  2. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Gawd bless all California “single guys” or just the Republicans, Laurie?

  3. Laurie Gallagher Lindsey said,

    All single guys, Ralph, and especially those two in your photo! And God bless you too! Isn’t it great that we live in a country where we can express our differences and still love each other?

  4. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Sure is, Poly Anna.

  5. Laurie Gallagher Lindsey said,

    You are too funny! Let me think, what was the worst thing that ever happened to me for being blindly optimistic….still thinking….not a bad thing comes to mind.

  6. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Sorry I sounded flippant. You’re sincere. This particular regime and the folks that want to succeed them, from the party that gave us Nixon, are not all that loving. Thank gawd you and I are.
    Over and out.

  7. Laurie Gallagher Lindsey said,

    Good night friend. It is dinner time in Texas and Poly Anna wants a cracker!

  8. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Poly needs a llabotomy, as it turns out. She’s Laurie Lindsey Gallagher from Midland, Texas… a right wing, Bush nut job who conspired with the dolt Duboff to sabotage this blog.

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