Pitchers And Catchers Report, As Do I…

February 16, 2009 at 10:07 pm (Baseball, Fantasy Baseball, New York Giants, New York Mets)

at long last.

The California Sea Otter, my Fantasy team, has been drafted. Hanley Ramirez, Matt Holiday, Cliff Lee, Carlos Marmol, Lance Berkman, and Victor Martinez are amongst the draftees that excite me [if not in the Biblical way]… The Mets look to be the team to beat in the NL East, yet again. This years bully should put an end to the chokeitis that has befallen my beloveds for the past few years. From my mouth to gawd’s ears. Their new stadium is almost an exact replica of Ebbets Field. As an old NY Giants fan, I’m less than thrilled. Fact is, the SF Giants do more to honor the memory of the New York Giants than do the Mets… Manny is still out there. Will the Dodgers or Giants win the sweepstakes? I’m guessing the Giants, who thus far haven’t insulted the man by taking any offers off the table. The Mets may sneak in there. That would be splendid… Jim Rice in the HOF, and Bert Blyleven not. What a travesty… Congrats to Rickey, who in his prime, “became the game,” as only Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson, could do… A-Rod on steroids? Really. Next thing you know, Brady Anderson will be accused. Seriously, Baseball would be better served if all the 104 names are released. The overwhelming majority of players who didn’t test positive will than not be lumped in to this Gene Orza caused travesty…. If any one sees the game I grew up loving [the one played on a comparatively even playing field, with no DH, and Sunday double headers], please return it at once. No questions asked. Reward offered… The closest I can come to the “way it was” is recreating the seasons past on my computer baseball game. I’m now replaying the 1962 season, again. This time, I’ve programed the game not to include injuries. After all, a season without injuries is, indeed, a fantasy.

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