Gary Sheffield, A New York Met…

April 3, 2009 at 4:19 pm (Baseball, New York Giants, New York Mets)

… and Ralph Zig Tyko, once again, roots for the laundry… perhaps not as vehemently.

Yes, he’s Doc Gooden‘s nephew, and yes he’s amongst the “steroidal era’s” candidate’s for the Hall of Fame, down the road. He just may be the swinger of the big bat that takes my beloveds to the top.

Also true, for reasons too numerous to chronicle [more than two, making this “three twoed” sentence a true “sentence” to read], I dislike the man… a lot. He is my least favorite Major League player.

For me, my Mets fandom starting going downhill just a tad when they traded George, and than, later, Frank. It worsened when previous owner [Doubleday] made antisemitic remarks [traditionally, not what I like hearing], deteriorated further with current owner making new Citi Field a Dodger shrine[all but ignoring New York Giants history]… and now this former Stockton Port, Gary Sheffield, is a Met. What next?

I’ll always be a Mets apologist, as I am an SF Giants apologist, but a fan [as in fanatic]? Hardly in the same way.

My #1 baseball allegiance these days is to the California Sea Otter, my Fantasy Team in a league played on an “even field,” with players chosen by me, Ralph Zig Tyko, the man I love.

Here’s a picture of the newest Met. Let me know what he looks like in the “Orange and Blue,” because it will take me a while to stomach watching:


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