The High Holy Days Have Past…

April 15, 2009 at 12:43 pm (Family & Friends)

… thankfully. Holidays make people [over?] react in strange ways.

Seems I’m feeling the fallout. I posted a silly line on my Facebook about the body being found, and Easter canceled. Funny to me, and more than likely, funny to you, gentle [and/or gentile] reader… but, alas and a lick, not to everyone, I guess. Apologies in advance for my retelling the Red Foxx Thanksgiving Day joke next November.

Onward and downward… Spring has sprung without the likes of Willie Jaye Johnson, a former co-worker of mine at Earthtel, Inc. Willie past away last month. He was recently married and only 34 years of age. How very sad. I’ll forever miss his spirit.

As for me, I continue to continue… doing the best I can, and living with the results.


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