K-Rod’s Back Troubles Playing Havoc With My Sunday

May 24, 2009 at 10:20 am (Baseball, Fantasy Baseball, New York Mets)

K-Rod was taken to the hospital after experiencing severe back spasms for the second time yesterday.

It’s Sunday, my fucking Sunday, and not only is it too cold to go to the A’s game, but the aforementioned news re. the New York Mets closer gives me an unwanted, “Nostradamus- like” glance into their immediate future. Naussia looms, I fear.

JJ Putz assumes the role of closer. The former Sea Otter has not adjusted well to his role as set-up man, and/or New York. I fear the later, and that worries me. Mets fans are somewhat more forgiving than Yankee rooters, but only a bit more.

Some players [performers] excel in the gigantic spotlight, others wind up in the Clevelands of the Baseball woild. Funny, earlier in the week Putz had been rumored to be going to just that Ohio town for a Carlos Delgado [Are you hep to his hip problems, or like me, hep to the hop?] fill-in.

The thought of another Mets baseball season going down the tube because of injuries, sucks. I’m about to go back to sleep and wake up at 4:20… or set my clock ahead. The reason for the stupid ass grin in the image  bellow, I just found out that shortstop Jose Reyes will be back Monday against the Nationals, and I was able to set the clock, pictured in the upper right hand corner, forward [never straight]. :-)

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