Milton Bradley, Talented, Disturbed, Fantasy Enigma

May 31, 2009 at 8:55 am (Baseball, Fantasy Baseball)

For the fifth year in a row the California Sea Otter, my Fantasy Baseball team, is “blessed” with Milton Bradley. Over the years [at times], I’ve been able to ride the streaky, emotional, talented [five tools], injury-prone, misunderstood, understood all too well, disturbed Bradley for weeks at a time.

2009? No streaks to ride so far. I’ve drafted, released, reacquired and released him time and time again. He now looms on my bench, once again at the ready. I know that breakout time is coming. Today, I have a hunch, and I’m playing him. I’ll sit the steady Michael Cuddyer.

Here’s an image of Milton as an Oakland Athletic. I wonder if Billy Beane would like him back. He’d look really good in green and gold, again.


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