Happiest Father’s Day Ever

June 21, 2009 at 10:52 pm (Family & Friends)

The Boy [Phillip Tyko], my son, our [Diane Satin] son is 19, and this is the first Father’s Day of his “adulthood.”

We hung out in his room today, he and I. His brow furrows when I ocasionally teer up with joy [carrying on the annoying tradition of his late ancestors], so I worked hard at burying my emotions, witout actually burying my emotions. Method acting at it’s finest. :-)

We talked as adults.

< He agreed to re-check out Zigisms, a page on this blog… this time not for the humour [precious little, anyway], but for what he may some day consider to be “sound advice.”

< I agreed to continue to work on my “empty nest syndrome,” an ongoing challange, and to be “less of a pain in the ass about ‘sound advice’.”

< We agreed that it was a terrific day.

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