Jason Giambi Cut By A’s

August 7, 2009 at 4:11 pm (Baseball)

Same Giambi who helped turn BB Record Book Into BB Comic Boook.. so I smiled today.

Giambi was one of the few cheaters who “apologized,” but to feel at all sorry for him because he’ll be getting used to living on something less than a zillion bucks a year, is ludicrous.
A pox on him and those who turned the game into nothing more than a joke.
All of this under the reign of Pud Selig, I might add. [I may later subtract, and long division is a possibility some day. No promises.]
Here’s a picture of the man, a pre-Big League one, who is tied with Duke Snider in homeruns. Same Edwin “Duke” Snider who hit more homers than anyone in Baseball, during the ’50s. Jason Giambi, was a double hitting machine before Mark McGuire took him under his tutalige and paired him with the devil:
jason G

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