Kittatinny Camp [West]

February 1, 2010 at 9:34 am (Kittatinny Camp)

I spent a terrific day Sunday with my ol’ Kittatinny Camp mate, Chuck Rait!!

I got to meet his lovely wife, Suzanne, and two of his children, Ben and Liz.

Bob Ramsey’s tattoos, “The Dell,” Joel Mulyava Day… and scores of  campers, waiters, CITs, busboys, councellors, and camp administrators were discussed.

Here are some pics. Many more, from back in “the day,” to follow.

Back row , L to R is Tillia Segal, Bruce Neustadt, Gary Kauffman, Irv Klein, (?). Middle row L to R : (?) Dick Berk, Stave cabot, Bob Berk. Front row Craig Pearson and Herbie Wollowick. Most of these are from Bunk 36 in 1957


  1. dick berk said,

    Thanks, Zig, for posting that as well as the picture of Charlie. Looks pretty good after reading about his health in the past.

  2. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    My pleasure, Dick.
    Chuck and I had a great time. Seven hours of non-stop KLC talk. What a nice day it was!!.

  3. Bob Berk said,

    In the bunk picture there are “?”. one person at the back to the left of Irv Klein seems to resemble Marv Rosen. Not sure though,

  4. Bob Berk said,

    The name associated with the oher “?” might be Larry LeWinn.

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