KLC’s Barbara Burton Stewart And Dick Berk

June 12, 2010 at 2:53 pm (Kittatinny Camp)

Theses pictures warms my heart.

Barbara Burton Stewart and family…

… and Dick Berk and grandchild:


  1. GAil Pearson said,

    Great pics!!!
    If anyone has directions to Kittatinny let me know.

    • Bob Berk said,


      Directions from where?

  2. GAil Pearson said,

    Great pics!!!
    If anyone has directions to Kittatinny let me know. WE are possibly going this summer

  3. Dick Berk said,

    Gail: This is from a different site:
    Dave kristol writes, “My older brothers attended Kittatinny from about 1953 to 1960. My older brothers

    Danny and Howard had attended earlier and during some of those years.

    I’ve been looking for some hints online of dialog with other former

    campers, but I only stumbled on this site today. (Isn’t Google great,

    provided you guess the right search terms?)

    I vividly remember the layout of the camp, which you can now see

    in this Google Maps satellite view of the area superimposed with roads:





    hl=en .

    The camp road continued straight NNE on Upper Ridge Rd after Van

    Ness. (Dingman’s Rd. goes SSW to the bridge, of course.) You can clearly

    see the ball fields and the lake. If you zoom in, you can see the pines

    from Pioneer Row, just to the left of the main road, and the frog pond

    north of the lake. (If you haven’t used Google Maps before, you can click

    and hold the mouse button in the map and drag the view to reposition it.

    Very cool!) ”
    Bick Berk

  4. Fred Hartman said,

    While I was in the NYC metropolitan area a few weeks ago I went up to the camp for one last look.

    It was very sad…nothing is left…all grown over. Mother Nature has reclaimed the camp.

    • Bob Berk said,

      It was in a similar shape years ago and if you didn’t know where you were you didn’t know where you were – except for a few landmarks (basketball court, softball field, sign at top of the hill) all else belonged to Mother Nature.

      • Fred Hartman said,


        None of the landmarks you mentioned are there any longer.

  5. dick berk said,

    Mother Nature never left – we just borrowed it for a while. Those borrowed years are what we have left along with the pictures. It would be great if a lot more “memories” appeared on this site.

  6. Fred Hartman said,

    I often wonder if there are any written documents from the camp…i.e. any record of the color wars by year…who won, who were the captains, council members, etc.

    When I was a color war captain, I kept a record of all the events, and I had to write something as to my thoughts after the event…as did all the other captains through the years. I wonder about where these annals might be.

    I also wonder about any written record of the all the awards tthat were given out through the years.

    Does anyone know if any records were ever kept…and if so, who might have them?

    I have some old Klarions from the late ’40’s thru the mid ’50’s. I, for one would love to get a chance to look through some of the stuff I just mentioned.

    Anyone have any ideas?…just wondering.

  7. dick berk said,

    Send them to Zig tyko so they can be popsted on this blog. I believe the records that henry had were destroyed by his wife (reportedly at the 1999 reunion) so no official listing of campers exist making contact and organizing another reunion very hard to do. but at least this blog has access – tell all your KCL friends..

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