My Monday Morning Musings 6/21/21

June 20, 2021 at 9:45 pm (Comfortably Zoned)

I can’t remember being as angry with Baseball since the Jints and Bums said adios to my hometown, NYC, in 1957. I did a podcast last week with Al Bumkin and Hal Bock [charter members of the Comfortably Zoned Radio Network, and two of my dearest friends]. Please listen to the hurt and disappointment in our voices as we discuss the bastardization of the Game we love… and oft’ times can no longer stand to watch or listen to.

Now, I have no intention of cutting my nose off to spite my face, by giving up on the Game I love… but I am giving up on purchasing products that are licensed by the MLB. I hope you’ll consider joining me. At the very least, spread the word.

I was turned down for a reverse mortgage. I wonder if it was because I’m Jewish, or a renter.

Here’s the meme of the week:

This week, Talie and I ventured off the Island of Alameda, for only the 2nd time in a year, for some Arinell Pizza in Boikeley. As good as it gets in California.

Finally, yesterday I celebrated my 31st. Father’s Day. Coolest of beans.

… as you were. -rzt

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