My Monday Morning Musings 6/28/21

June 27, 2021 at 9:36 pm (Comfortably Zoned in a Vat o' Pine Tar)

My first thought when the Florida building collapsed? Cheap Chinese concrete.

Telling me that I look good for a 75 year old is akin to my telling you that you think good for having a 75 I.Q.

One of the things I’ve missed most during the pandemic was photographing my surroundings in Alameda, California. Now that I’m out and about, I’m back at it. The above offering is dedicated to the memory of Mario Arenales Gonzalez, who died in Alameda POlice custody. This was from an article in th New York Times.

California Man Dies After Officers Pin Him to Ground for 5 Minutes

The death of Mario Arenales Gonzalez came one day before a former Minneapolis officer was convicted of murdering George Floyd. Body camera footage was released on Tuesday.

On an up-note, our Alan Blumkin is back podcasting after a long recovery from back surgery. His offering, this past week, with David Nemec, was a gem. Check it out.

… as you were. -rzt

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