Comfortably Zoned in a Vat o’ Pine Tar

July 12, 2021 at 2:36 pm (Comfortably Zoned in a Vat o' Pine Tar)

The Table of Contents.

Table of Contents

About the Authors. 5

The Front Office. 18

Front Office Personnel and Practices of New Yawk’s Baseball Teams in the 1940s and ’50s. 18

The Tragic Case of Al Campanis. 24

The Owners. 29

Golenbock University: Owners – The Good, the Bad and the Missing. 29

Dem Bums! 40

The Lords of Baseball 40

Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson. 55

About Mister Rickey. 55

Now batting, Number 42 – Jackie Robinson. 63

Golenbock University: Rickey, Robinson and Veeck. 67

Jackie Led the Way for these Dodgers, Giants and Yankees. 71

Da Jints. 76

Reminiscing with a Baseball Lifer. 76

Clubhouse Memorial Stirs New Yawk Memories. 79

Memories of Willie. 86

The Bronx Bombers. 91

Golenbock University: Bobby Brown: It Helps If You Can Hit! 91

Joe DeMaestri and Art Ditmar. 94

Al Downing. 97

Elston Howard – A Great Yankee. 102

The Life and Times of Irv Noren. 105

Looking Back with Fritz Peterson. 108

Charlie Silvera, “The Most Fortunate Man Who Ever Lived”. 114

Golenbock University: Ralph Terry. 119

Tracing the Babe’s Roots and Remembering a Pioneer. 123

Yankee Legends: Joe, Mickey, Whitey and Billy. 126

The Yankee Clipper – Tony Castro. 132

Golenbock University: How Mickey Mantle came to wear number 7. 136

Whitey Ford, He Knew How to Pitch. 138

Golenbock University: Reminiscing about Billy Martin with his son, Billy Jr. 143

Meet the Mets! 153

Catching up with Duffy Dyer. 153

Rod Gaspar. 157

Ed Hearn. 162

Ed Kranepool – a Met Original 166

Skip Lockwood – The Closer. 172

John Stearns – The Dude. 177

The Iconic Ron Swoboda. 180

George “The “Stork!” Theodore. 183

For the Love of the Game. 186

The Short Life of the Senior Professional Baseball Association.. 186

Jim “Mudcat” Grant 191

Mark Littell 194

Greg Pryor. 198

The Men in Blue. 202

The Life and Times of Al Clark. 202

Bill Haller, Still Calling ‘em as he Sees ‘em! 210

The Minor Leagues. 214

The Shrinking of the Minor Leagues. 214

The Ageless Arm of Rod Tafoya. 219

Not a bad way to make a living. 222

Bigger, Faster, Stronger. 224

Suicide Squeeze. 224

Jerry Feitelberg. 230

Bobby Estalella. 234

Press Box Rats. 238

Now Batting – Sherry Davis. 238

A View From the Press Box. 243

Behind the Microphone. 247

Don Wardlow – A True Inspiration. 247

Reminiscing with Spencer Ross. 251

Ken Korach – Holy Toledo!  A Pair of Legends. 255

Billy Sample – Renaissance Man. 258

Bob Wolff: A Lifetime on the Air. 262

The Writers. 266

Arnold Hano, King of the Bleachers. 266

Leonard Koppett 270

“Banned.” By Hal Bock. 275

Larry Ruttman, American Jews in America’s Game. 281

Baseball Board Games. 287

Dice Baseball 287

Computer baseball game creator Clay Dreslough. 293

Baseball in the 21st Century. 295

You Call This Baseball?. 295

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