Comfortably Zoned in a Vat o’ Pine Tar

July 20, 2021 at 4:51 pm (Comfortably Zoned in a Vat o' Pine Tar)

Back Cover

Comfortably Zoned in a Vat o’ Pine Tar” is a unique collection of more than 50 previously unpublished interviews and tales gleaned from hundreds of hours of podcasts Ralph Zig Tyko has conducted with authors, broadcasters, owners, former players, umpires as well as many respected baseball observers. It provides an unvarnished, “warts and all” look at America’s pastime, its heroes, scoundrels, legends. myths, scandals and outcasts.

This is a brilliant book! – Peter Golenbock

Quotes from Comfortably Zoned in a Vat O’ Pine Tar

“Joe DiMaggio was hard only because we didn’t want to screw anything up. We went out of our way to make everything perfect for Joe because he was very sensitive. It was almost as if he came to the game looking for something to irritate him.” Marty Appel, former Yankees Public Relations director.

“I don’t think we could have done it without Gil. He was such a great leader and handled people so well. He just had something about him that everybody respected him so much.” Duffy Dyer

“I’ve got this wonderful connection with the firemen and police officers and the people of Brooklyn. And I’m forever grateful. I get up every morning and my first words are of thanksgiving and praise that the Good Lord led me to playing in New York and being a part of the Boys of Summer and I want to tell all my friends in New York, I love all of you, even the  Giants and Yankee fans!”  Carl Erskine

“Baseball has changed a lot. Mainly it’s the dollar signs that has changed in baseball. Willie Mays, at the peak of his career made $140,000 a year, today a utility infielder who plays maybe 80 games a season, make half a million dollars. So that’s kind of screwed up don’t you think?” Arnold Hano

“Ellie was the nicest man I ever met, without a doubt, in or out of baseball” Al Downing

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