From the Archives… Claire Hall and Jon Leonoudakis

August 13, 2021 at 4:12 pm (Comfortably Zoned Radio)

Documentary filmmaker Jon Leonoudakis joins Clare on this edition of Claire’s corner. They talk about Jon’s film, “The Day The World Series Stopped.” Next month marks the 30th anniversary of the earthquake that took sixty-three lives, injured thousands, did millions in damage, and halted the World Series for ten days. Jon was at Candlestick Park as the tragedy and drama unfolded. They also discuss Jon’s other baseball-related works, and reflect on the passing of one of the great figures of Baseball, Jim Bouton. A Comfortably Zoned Network/rzt, production. Check out our website. If you enjoy our offerings, we ask that you get in the habit of accumulating lightly used children’s books, and donating them to your local Head Start.SHOW LESS

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