Surounded By Books

Being surrounded by my library gives me warmth and comfort. Here’s a partial list of books I’ve read, kept, re-read, and reference regularly:

The Little Engine That Could- Golden Book


Yankee Stadium: 50 Years Of Drama- Durso

Working- Turkel

Now Batting, Number…- Jack Looney

Dollar Sign On The Muscle- Kerrane

My Turn At Bat- Williams

From Cobb To Catfish- Baseball Digest

You’re Missingg A Geat Game- Herzog

Willie’s Time- Einstein

Moneyball- Lewis

Catcher In The Rye- Salinger

Franny And Zooey- Salinger


Raise High The Roof Beam, Carpenters And Seymour: An Introduction- Salinger

The Lazlo Letters- Novella

Hollywood- Vidal

Summer Of ‘61- Kubek

War Of The Worlds- Wells

The Boys of Summer- Kahn


Catch 22- Heller

1984- Orwell

A Day In The Bleachers- Hano

The Pennant Race- Brosnan

The Long Season- Brosnan

Let Me Tell You A Story- Auerbach/Feinstein

The Baseball Companion- Garber

Total Baseball- Thorn /Palmer

Sports Of The Times- Longmeadow Press

North Dallas Forty- Gent

Topps Baseball Cards- Warner

The Pictoral History Of Baseball- Associated Press

Illusions- Bach

Lincoln The Unknown= Carnegie

The Chapman Report- Rimmer

The Harrod Experiment- Rimmer

Meat On A Hoof- Shaw

Without Feathers- Allen


The Sports Encyclopedia- Baseball- Neft/Cohen/ Neft

The Sports Encyclopedia- Pro Basketball- Neft/Cohen/Neft

The Sports Encyclopedia- Pro Football- Neft/Cohen/Neft

Starting Over- WakefielJoe Dimaggio- Cramer

The Giving Tree- Silverstein

The Natural- Malamud

Eight Men Out- Asinoff
You Know Me, Al- Lardner

Veeck: As In Wreck-Veeck/Linn

Wait ‘Til Next Year- Jennison

The Ballplayers- Shatzin


Crossing The Line- Moffi/Kronstdt

The Giants Win The Pennant! The Giants Win The Pennant!- Thopmson/Heiman/Gutman

Tuesdays With Morrie- Albom

Struwwelpeter, Merry Stories & Funny Pictures- Blackie

Foul: The Connie Hawkins Story- Wolf

The Year The Yankees Lost The Pennant- Wallop


Wilt 1962 The Night Of 100 Points And The Dawn Of A New Era- Pomerantz

Brain Droppings- Carlin

When Will Jesus Bring The Porkchops?- Carlin

I Never Had It Made- Robinson

The Essential Lenny Bruce- Bruce

Baseball Uniforms Of The 20th Century- Okkowen

Game Of Shadows- Fainaru-Wada/Williams

A People’s History Of The United States- Zinn


Bang The Drum Slowly- Harris

The Southpaw- Harris

A Ticket To Seamstitch- Harris

It Seemed Like Forever- Harris

Portnoy’s Complaint- Roth

Good bye Columbus- Roth

The Knicks- Holtzman

Ball Four- Bouton/Shecter

The Jocks- Sheckter

24 Seconds To Shoot- Koppett

Koppet’s Concise History Of Baseball- Koppett

The Thinking Man’s Guide To Baseball- Koppett

The Man In The Dugout- Koppett

The New York Mets- Koppett

The Radical Middle- Satin

New Options For America- Satin

Soldier In The Rain- Goldman

Boys and Girls Together- Goldman


The Thing Of It Is- Goldman

No Way To Treat A Lady- Goldman

The Bill James Historical Abstract- James

We Played The Game [1947-’64]- Peary

The Big Book Of Baseball Lineups- Neyer

My Life In Baseball- Cobb/Stump

My Giants- Hodges

1001 Ways To Live Without Working- Kupferberg

The Incredible Giants- Meany

Summer OF ‘49- Halberson

The Fifties- Halbertson

Summer Of ‘64- Halbertson

Letters To Goucho- Marx

Exodus- Uris

Mila 18- Uris


Out Of My League- Plimpton

Paper Lion- Plimpton

I Never Played The Game- Cossell

The Dream- Torre

Rush To Judgment- Lane

The Modern Encyclopedia Of Basketball- Hollinder

The Pro Basketball Encyclopedia- Hollinder

Stolen Season- Lamb

Bums An Oral History Of Th Brooklyn Dodgers- Golenback

Wrigley Field: A Magical Mystery Tour Of The Chicago Cubs- Golenback

Wild High And Tight: The Life And Death Of Billy Martin- Golenback

Teammates- Golenback

Bronx Zoo- Golenback

The Dynasty- Golenback

Balls- Nettles/Golenback

Few and Chosen- Pepe/Ford

The October 12- Rizzuto/Horton

Voices Of Baseball- Cheiger

The Original San Francisco Giants- Bitker

Oddballs- Shlain

Players Choice- McCaffrey and McCaffrey

In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash- Sheppard

My Brother Was An Only Child- Douglas

Never Trust a Naked Bus Driver- Douglas

The New York Mets- Honig

The Joys Of Yiddish- Rosten


Crossing The Line- Moffi/Kronstdt

The Portable Nietzsche- Kaufman

Branch Rickey’s Little Blue Book- Macmillon

The New York Knicks- Kalinsky

The New York Mets- A Photographic History- Kalinsky

Big Guys Don’t Cry- Karros

The New York Mets Twenty-Five Years Of Baseball History- Lang/Simon

The Manchurian Candidate- Condon

Charlie O- Michelson

Run To Daylight- Lombardi/Heinz

Out Of Their League- Meggyesy

In The Country Of Baseball-Hall/Ellis

Baseball For Dummies- Morgan

Rhubarb In The Catbird Seat- Barber/Creamer

I Had A Hammer- Aaron

Can’t Anybody Here Play This Game?- Breslin

The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight- Breslin

This Date In New York Met History- D’Agostino

Baseball’s Last Dynasty: Charlie Finley’s Oakland A’s- Markusen

From Ellis Island To Ebbets Field- Levine

Baseball’s Great Dynasties: The Mets- Gutman

Johnny Got His Gun- Trumbo

Legends Of The Field- Sweet

The Glory Of Their Times- Ritter



  1. Joseph Erenst Harper said,

    I love how you’re real into the Mets. I don’t even know who the Mets are, because I live in New Zealand. But I like how you have books and books and books about them. It’s awesome.

    Hope your day is going swell.


  2. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    It’s going swell indeed, Joseph… Yes, many Mets books. The team has provided me with a wealth of memories. Some I’m trying hard to forget. :-)
    Also, John, the Baby Mama [Diane Satin] spent quality time in your fine country a while back. Here’s to New Zealand!!
    Keep in touch.

  3. Chuck Rait said,


    Got your call, but have been very sick with sore throat, cold and I sound like a squeeky frog. Would love to me. I will call as soon as I can talk–hopefully by this weekend.

    It’s fascinating looking at the old Kittatinny pictures. Hope you are well. Will speak with you soon.


    PS: Nice book list.

  4. Chuck Rait said,

    I meant to say; would love to meet. Makes more sense that way. Chuck

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