New York Mets 2007 World Series Champs

March 23, 2007 at 8:18 pm (Baseball, New York Mets)


You read it here folks. Call it in. Tell your friends. Break open the bubbly. Book the parade.

Here’s how I see it: Provided they stay healthy, the five man rotation will more than keep it afloat ’til Pedro comes back for the stretch run. The lineup is tremendous. The bully has been upgraded. I’m sure they’ve learned from Popeye Mota that discretion is the better part of valor [translation: be careful where you buy your HGH]. Remember, brain train players, they have no test that detects it. Anyone suspected left a paper trail. Besides, that fine upstanding Tony LaRussa, who has been in baseball for 42 years, said that he’s never seen preformance enhancing drugs in an MLB lockeroom… That said, I wish they’d pull the trigger on the Lastings Milledge in right field job. He’s ready and his upside is abundant. S. Green [not Sihugo from Duquesne U.] is over the molehill. Eat some bucks, Omar [fellow Newtown High School alum]. Mr. Wilpon has the gelt. Had he still been with us, Johnny Sain – the second best pitching coach in the history of baseball – would have advised, “Walk those golden stairs.” Check it out in the book, “Ball Four,” by Jim Bouton. One of my all time favorites.

So sayeth me, the man I love.

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