The Yankees in The Zone 7/31/21

July 31, 2021 at 4:46 pm (Comfortably Zoned Radio)

Robert Deinger and Jack Degraw discuss how the acquisition of Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo completely changes the Yankees fortune for the better. Brian Cashman addressed the biggest problem with the Yankees roster, which was a lineup that was predominantly right-handed. By adding two left-handed hitters in Gallo and Rizzo, they got players who not only hit for power and get on base at a high rate, but they’re also Gold Glove winners. Gallo has more HR’s (25) than all the Yankees left-handed hitters (22) combined, and Rizzo is a Gold Glove first-baseman who hits for average and power. Just by adding these two left-handed hitters, it gives the Yankees a lot of flexibility when it comes to their lineup, making it harder for opposing teams to game plan against.
Prior to the trades, the Yankees season seemed somewhat hopeless, especially after losing three-of-four to the Red Sox in dramatic fashion. However, after a couple of key acquisitions thanks to the wizard Brian Cashman and a very favorable schedule in August, the Yankees chances of making the Postseason is actually a real possibility now. We discuss this and much, much more!
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