Comfortably Zoned in a Vat o’ Pine Tar 2/17/22

February 17, 2022 at 4:43 pm (Comfortably Zoned in a Vat o' Pine Tar)

Ralph and George welcome MLB Official Scorer, Michael Duca.
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Peter Golenbock  

The history of the game of Baseball can never be fully told.  It’s why every year people write piles of books about it.  There will always be the curious digging into baseball’s glorious past looking for valuable nuggets of golden memories.  And what’s so great about it is that literally anyone who sets his or her mind to do it can do it.  You need only do a little research, contact a former player or someone close to the game willing to reminisce and spill everything he remembers about his life and career.  

Ralph Tyko, who for a dozen years was the West Coast representative for Topps baseball cards, is one such treasure hunter.  Ralph has a nose for baseball history and an incurable curiosity, and for years he has interviewed a host of those in and around the game.  

This book contains more the three hundred pages of fascinating minutia, details behind the little, big, and huge moments of baseball’s past.  

Don’t make the mistake of skipping a chapter in this book because you’ve never heard of the person being interviewed.  On every single page you will find a story, a detail, a surprise moment where you will say to yourself, ‘Gee, I didn’t know that.”  

You will find Hall of Famers, role players, bit players, unknown players, and invisible players as well as  

executives, writers, and pundits revealed to you in the most interesting and heartfelt ways.   

Before long, you will come to conclude, This book is a marvel.

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